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Cyrus SASL Patch

28 March 2002:Security fix now out for mysql version. If you want to know detail email me...

This is a patch against Cyrus Sasl version 1.5.24
which is a Plugin authentication system mostly used by openldap and Cyrus Imap.

Sasl ldap+ldaps+mysql+ldapsearch patch download
Sasl ldap+ldaps+mysql+ldapsearch patch download for 1.5.27 + muiltiple hosts

To use simply untgz (tar -zxvf name.tgz). Go to the base of the sasl source and type patch -p1 < /sasl_ldap_mysql.patch

You might need to re run autoconf in order to get configure to have the options below (Note: on FreeBSD I needed to get aclocal down. Now all you have to do when doing a configure is either add on of these lines or both depnding on whcih you want :-

--with-mysql=/usr/local/lib   (/usr/lib on linux I think)
now compile the system as normal. There are some docs in docs/sysadmin.html under the sasl source tree which wil explain how to configure the sasl
system for ldap and mys