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This is a basically the same as the old front page
a list of links saying what each thing does.
To find out more information about a download or a patch go to the appropriate section on the web-site.
Putty ssh (win client)Ssh client (supporting sshv2) in one exe file.
TeraTerm ssh (win client) in easy download form

Squid Ldap Auth
Program to enable squid to authenticate against Ldap for logins

Cyrus Stuff

Release of ldap auxprop only against cyrus sasl 2.1.10
Ldap Auxprop patch against 2.1.10
Another day another version fixed some linuxy bugs thanks Phil Dibowitz
Cyrus Sasl V2.1.5 auxprop for mysql and ldap Do autoheader && autoconf && automake -i before configure.
Use configure options --with-ldapauxprop and --with-mysqlauxprop note: does not work with openldap-2.0.11 when compiled with saslv1 support should work with latest version of openldap (email me)

Fixed: some nicer complier method and a minor bug with ldap version. 28 March 2002: Security Fixed a problem where you could login as anyone in the mysql side 28 March 2002
Added alias support in ldap patch and openldap 1 compat
Cyrus SASL 1.5.24 LDAP+MYSQL auth patch (Unsupported)
Cyrus SASL 1.5.27 LDAP+MYSQL auth patch
Cyrus SASL 1.5.28 LDAP+MYSQL auth patch by Scott W. Hetzel
A patch to cyrus sasl 1.5.27 to allow plain logins but using mysql or ldap
to authenticate against. You probably want the version above as this as that
includes everything you may need. (now with multiple hosts 27 version only)

Patch for Cyrus lmtpd 2.1.5
Patch for Cyrus lmtpd 2.1.4
Patch to Cyrus lmtpd 2.1.4 to allow users to have an @ in there username
This means users can have the same login as their email address also allows

Cyrus SASL 1.5.24 LDAP auth patch search version by kmenard @ wpi.edu (Kevin J. Menard, Jr)
You probably want the version including all the patches together

Hierarchy Separator patch This is a patch version of hierarchy separator which is available from Oceana but only as full cyrus source.
Cyrus 1.15 LDAP auth patch
C patch to provide ldap authentication via pwcheck daemon in old
version of Cyrus Imapd. Note: This is usable for cyrus sasl as well.

Cyrus 1.5.19 deliver patch
Patch to make the tmp directory for cyrus deliver configurable on command line ( Default is normal behaviour )

Postfix Stuff

per users transport map This is a patch for postfix to allow per user transport instead of per domain. I did this before noticing a patch that already did it. Mine is less complex. (against 1.1.2)
Visual Perl QT Alpha
Does what it says on the tin

Bspline program
Some GTK program doing bspline

Alice In Wonderland